Registration and use of library cards

  1. Adult registration
    Eligible persons may apply for a library card by filling out a registration form and displaying a current picture ID and proof of current address (voting card, utility bill, recently postmarked mail, or check with imprinted address).  If the applicant has no proof of a current address is available, the library card may be mailed to the applicant.
  2. Children and Juvenile registration
    A library card for a child under the age of 16 will be issued when the parent or guardian has signed the “statement of responsibility” card and proof of residence has been provided.  The child must be present for the card to be issued.  Guardians may be asked to provide documentation of guardianship.  
  3. Library card or picture identification required
    A borrower must present valid identification to check out materials. If the borrower does not have his card, he may present a picture ID card (such as a driver’s license).  The staff will look up and verify the borrower’s record before proceeding with check-out.
  4. Use of another person’s card
    A borrower using another person’s card is considered to have permission to use that card unless we have had express notice that the card is lost, stolen, or restricted.  A patron whose library card is suspended or has fines over $10.00 (adult and children) may not use other family member’s cards or friend’s cards. The cardholder will be held responsible for all items checked out on the card before the date that the library is notified of the card being lost or stolen.
  5. Change of address/telephone
    It is the responsibility of the cardholder (or parent, if the cardholder is a juvenile) to notify the library of any change in address or contact information.
  6. Library cards and expiration dates
    Library cards are active for two years and then expire.  If a card is expired a patron will need to update their information.  Patrons who have not used their library cards for a longer period of time are taken out of the circulation system automatically.  The library does not keep any of the patrons’ information on file.  Patrons who have a card but are not active in the system need to register as a new patron.

Adopted November 15, 2004
Reviewed November 13, 2007 
Revised and approved July 18, 2011, September 15, 2014