Library programs are coordinated by library staff and offered free to the public.  Library programs provide an opportunity to present the library and its resources to the community, promote literacy and reading, and provide shared family activities.

Library-initiated programming is a library resource that provides information, education, and recreation to library users. Library-initiated programming utilizes library staff, books, library and community resources, resource people, displays and media presentations. The library often incorporates cooperative programming with other agencies, organizations, and educational institutions, as well as other resources, to communicate with library users.  

Programs may be cancelled for a number of reasons, chiefly: severe weather, absence of the presenter, or low registration. Cancelled programs are not automatically rescheduled.  The library will call those registered if a program is cancelled.

  1. Adult programs
    1. The library will conduct an adult summer reading program.
    2. Adult programs including speakers, workshops, and other activities will be provided throughout the year.
  2. Young Adult programs
    1. The library will conduct a young adult summer reading program.
    2. Young adult programs will run throughout the year and be provided to a variety of ages in middle school and high school.
  3.  Children’s programs
    1. The library will conduct a summer reading program.
    2. The library will present story hours for differing age groups on a regular schedule throughout the year.

Adopted December 18, 2000
Reviewed and approved January 19, 2004
Revised and approved October 17, 2011, December 15, 2014