Loan Periods and Item Limits

  1. Following are the loan periods and renewals for library materials:
    Material Type Loan Period Renewal?
    Laptops/iPads 2 hours No
    Magazines 14 days Yes
    Art Prints 3 months Yes
    Books 14 days Yes
    DVDs and VHS 14 days Yes
    All Other Items 14 days Yes
  2. Items may be renewed twice by telephone, in person or on-line.  Art prints may be renewed once for one month. Items that have a hold list may not be renewed at all.
  3. Items may be renewed a third time in person.
  4. Special longer loan periods are available for teachers and program planners, patrons on vacations, members of Board of Trustees and others.
  5. Each card holder is limited to 2 adult fiction DVDs, 2 children fiction DVDs, 2 puppets, 6 other audio items (CDs) and 3 art prints.  Limits may be put on non-fiction in demand because of school assignments. There is no limit on fiction books or magazines.

Adopted October 20, 2008
Revised and approved September 19, 2011, September 15, 2014