Laptop and iPad policy

All patrons must follow the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.  

Limits and Availability

  1. Laptops and iPads can only be checked out by people with an Ericson Public Library card and a current government issued photo ID.  
  2. The laptops and iPads can only be used on the main floor of the library and cannot be removed from the building.
  3. Patrons cannot use the laptop computers or iPads if they have fines or overdue library materials.  
  4. Laptops and iPads cannot be reserved.
  5. Eligible patrons may check out one laptop or iPad at a time.
  6. Laptops and iPads will not be checked out within one hour of the library closing time.
  7. Borrowers may not install software on the machines.
  8. Borrowers may not alter, delete or copy any software loaded or otherwise change its existing configuration.
  9. Borrowers must save their files to flash or jump drives or send them via email attachments.  All files will be erased and each iPad will be restored to a default load upon each check-in.
  10. Printing is available from laptops and iPads.  
  11. Audio or video files must be played with headphones provided by the borrower.
  12. Borrowers must abide by the Ericson Public Library Laptop and iPad Policy and the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  13. Borrowers may not consume food or beverage while the laptop/iPad is checked out to them.

Checkout Procedure

  1. Borrowers may check out a laptop computer or iPad at the main floor circulation desk.  
  2. Borrowers must leave their photo ID at the circulation desk when checking out laptop and accessories or iPad.
  3. Checkout period is 2 hours.  All equipment must be returned to the circulation desk a half-hour before closing.

Check-in Procedure

  1. The machine will remain on during the check-in process.
  2. Borrowers must remain at the circulation desk until all equipment has been checked to make sure that all pieces are accounted for and that no damage has occurred.
  3. Borrowers need to allow at least five minutes for staff to check the equipment.

Fines and liability

  1. A patron’s privilege to check out a laptop or iPad may be removed if the patron fails to return equipment by the due time or leaves before the check-in procedure is complete.
  2. Laptops/iPads not returned on time or removed from the building will be considered stolen.   The Boone Police Department will be notified.
  3. Under no circumstances should a borrower leave the laptop/iPad unattended.  The Library will not be responsible for a lost or stolen laptop/Ipad even when it is in the library.
  4. It is the borrower’s full responsibility and fiscal liability for all costs associated with damage to the laptop computer and accessories or iPad during the period it is checked out or it replacement cost should it be lost or stolen.

Troubleshooting Problems and Questions

  1. If patrons experience problems, they should ask for assistance at the circulation desk.
  2. The borrower will be fiscally responsible for any damage to the machine if they try to troubleshoot problems themselves.


The Ericson Public Library is not responsible for damage to any removable drive or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware or software.

Adopted January 18, 2010
Reviewed and Approved October 18, 2010
Revised and Approved June 20, 2011, December 15, 2014