Food and drink

Snack food and covered drinks are allowed in the Ericson Public Library however, they are restricted from the following areas:

  • Near computers
  • By photocopiers or printers, microfilm reader/printers etc.

Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in covered, spill-proof containers.  It is the individual’s responsibility to throw away wrappers, containers and other trash in trash receptacles.  It is the individual’s responsibility to report major spills to library staff immediately, so we can arrange for appropriate clean-up.  In the event of damage from food or drink to library materials or equipment, costs may be assessed to the responsible patron.

Patrons who fail to follow these guidelines will receive one verbal warning and then banned to have any food or drink in the library.

The Ericson Public Library wants to maintain an environment that is appropriate for the protection of library materials.  If not picked up, food and beverages can attract rodents, cockroaches, silverfish and other unwanted pests that damage library materials.  By complying with the policies, users and staff will help maintain a clean work environment, a pest-free building, and aid in the preservation of our collections for future generations, while enjoying some food and drink in many areas of the building.

Adopted December 20, 2010
Reviewed and approved July 18, 2011
Revised and approved September 16, 2014