Display case, bulletin boards, and hanging displays

General Policies

As part of its public service and information mission, the Ericson Public Library makes available a brochure shelf for handouts, display and exhibit areas, and bulletin boards.  The use of these areas is intended to increase public awareness of the range of information available in the library collection and to make available information created by and of interest to the local community. 

  • When space is limited, preference is given to Boone organizations.

  • Displays, exhibits, handouts, and materials posted on bulletin boards are covered by the adoption of national statements of the Library.  Materials displayed or distributed in public areas may advocate a position, but the display and distribution do not constitute endorsement of the materials’ content by the Library.
  • All handouts or materials for public brochure areas and bulletin boards must be evaluated for compliance with guidelines.  If questions arise about appropriateness of materials, the material will be referred to the Director.  Unauthorized material may be discarded.

Specific Guidelines

  1. All materials to be posted on the library bulletin boards must be approved by the Adult Services Librarian or Children’s Librarian or referred to the Director.  Appeals to the Director’s decision may be made to the Library Board, which shall have the final approving authority.  All materials posted become the property of the library, and may be removed and discarded.
  2. Acceptable materials to be posted include notices of the following:
    1. educational, cultural, civic and community activities
    2. public information activities and events
    3. courses, classes, workshops and study groups
    4. religious or political meetings and events
    5. community/personal services, excludes for sale items such as cars or puppies, etc.
  3. Unacceptable materials include any that contain obscenities or profanities, or promote hatred, violence, or discrimination.
  4. Posting of materials does not imply endorsement by the library.  Limited space may impose size restrictions on materials.
  5. Artists, craftsmen, and collectors may be invited to exhibit their works or collections in the glass display cases or on the walls of the library. While the library will ensure that the cases remain locked while in use, the library cannot be held responsible for theft from the cases or the walls, for fire or water damage, or any other damage to exhibited items.  The exhibitor assumes all risks associated with allowing his works or collection to be on exhibit and will be required to sign a release to that effect.

Adopted November 17, 2008
Revised and approved July 18, 2011
Reviewed and approved September 15, 2014